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Use free webfonts from Google

Google webfonts

Google webfonts

When I was looking for fonts the other day I found the font tool from Google. The great thing about this is that Google will host the fonts for you so you can easily implement them so you can use any font you like from the site on your own site. Which has always been kind of tricky. Now it is kind of a copy paste thing as you just copy a code if you want to use a certain font and put it in the header. And then just change the CSS.

I really like the interface as it is fast and it is a great way to test fonts for a logo etc. Not that many fonts but really great!

Check it out here:

Be Transparent

In this lesson, I will assume that you are already fluent in PhotoShop, enough to know how to save a GIF. This isn’t too advanced, and with a little practice, you should be a pro. This is also assuming that you understand what a transparent gif is, and what you plan to do with your gif. [Read more...]

Typography Basics

Typography and typographers existed long before the computer revolution. Terms common to digital typesetters such as leading, kerning, and points find its roots in handset metal type. [Read more...]

Quick Colorize

Okay,so you’re faced with the problem. Colorizing a black and white image without making it look like you have a problem staying in the lines. Hours and hours later, you are found face down on the keyboard, from intense boredom. You lose your job, and then your mind. [Read more...]

Tid Bits

Here, are a couple of things that you may/may not know, that may/may not help you. We hope they do because we want you to be successful and glad. [Read more...]

Graphic Philosophy 101

Graphic form is the shape that embodies the idea. For example, an apple can be depicted either by a photo of an apple, or the silhouette of an apple, or even its outline. These forms that represent an apple all convey the idea of an apple. [Read more...]

Logo Design Tips

I’ve been designing logos for a while now, and I see a lot of logos designed by other people. I must say most of the logos I have been seeing lately have been awful. By no means, and I the only person that thinks that way, nor am I the God of logos. However, I have a few suggestions on how to make a good logo for a client. [Read more...]

Using Halftone Effects in Photoshop

This is a trick in PhotoShop. An easy and great way to liven up some of the borders on your graphics. [Read more...]

Feathered Edges in Photoshop

So many people are amazed on how wonderful images look with blurred edges, and they have no idea how EASY it is to do it. It is called a feathered edge in PhotoShop. You can use feathered images singularly, or you can add many together to get a wonderful collage that melts seamlessly together! [Read more...]

Basic Fades in Photoshop

This lesson is a basic fading lesson, but also has a few other basic tips, as well. You can experiment with this as much as you would like. [Read more...]

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