Press Release Example & Sample

This is just an example on how to write a press release. If you want to find out more on how to write it check out this post here. You also find more Press Release Examples & Templates here [Read more...]

How to market a new website

Okay, so you want to go online, and you are working on the web site. Maybe you have your web site already up, and the traffic just isn’t what you expected? Well, would you have a wedding by just buying the dress? Maybe a Vegas Wedding is your style, but for a real wedding, there is a lot of planning. With your site, you must market it [Read more...]

Marketing plan outline

Okay, So you’ve developed what you think is an excellent marketing plan. You’ve identified your target audiences, set your business objectives and corresponding marketing goals, and decided upon your marketing strategies and tactics. Now that it’s all laid out, it seems easy enough. Just execute the plan! Right?!? Wrong. [Read more...]

5 Techniques to overpower your competition

To beat your competition, you have to use little techniques that will make you stand out. There are numerous techniques and ideas you can use, but I’m going to show you five important techniques that will help you take your competition by surprise. [Read more...]

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