Paint with Illustrator

This is an old trick in Illustrator. It is a more detailed version of the “Beyond the Basics Book” from the older versions of the program. I am still in the dark ages with 7.0, but it seems to be doing me just fine. Some of the paths in the directions that I give may be slightly altered in newer/older versions of Illustrator. [Read more...]

Text Stuff

This lesson is for Adobe Illustrator, but it may work in other vector programs as well. These are two basic text lessons that should help you out if you are new to Illustrator and want to create some great text effects. [Read more...]

Plastic Text

Have you ever needed to create type to look like it is rising out of plastic? Perhaps trying to duplicate a credit card look? Maybe you own a Latex/PVC clothing store, and just can’t seem to get that effect for your signage? Maybe you just want to make something different to make your graphics stand out. [Read more...]


You are probably saying, “I should just apply the solarize filter right?” WRONG. Unless you want an ugly garbled mess, you have to do it the right way. The old-school way! If you want to see the difference, just make a copy of your photo before, apply the stupid little filter, and then save it for later. [Read more...]

Sepia Tone Photos

Always wondered how people get those cool looking sepia tone photos? Do you have sepia envy? Well, wait no longer, you have the recipe! At least in Photoshop that is. It’s time to have fun with sepia! [Read more...]

Certificate & Envelope templates for Illustrator

Here you will find a lot of design templates for various softwares and platforms. We will add more and up-to date of these soon. If you have some you can share please contact us and we will be happy to add those. [Read more...]

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