Using Halftone Effects in Photoshop

This is a trick in PhotoShop. An easy and great way to liven up some of the borders on your graphics. [Read more...]

Feathered Edges in Photoshop

So many people are amazed on how wonderful images look with blurred edges, and they have no idea how EASY it is to do it. It is called a feathered edge in PhotoShop. You can use feathered images singularly, or you can add many together to get a wonderful collage that melts seamlessly together! [Read more...]

Basic Fades in Photoshop

This lesson is a basic fading lesson, but also has a few other basic tips, as well. You can experiment with this as much as you would like. [Read more...]

Sepia Tone Photos

Always wondered how people get those cool looking sepia tone photos? Do you have sepia envy? Well, wait no longer, you have the recipe! At least in Photoshop that is. It’s time to have fun with sepia! [Read more...]

Certificate & Envelope templates for Illustrator

Here you will find a lot of design templates for various softwares and platforms. We will add more and up-to date of these soon. If you have some you can share please contact us and we will be happy to add those. [Read more...]

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