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Bring ‘Em Back

You shouldn’t just work to get visitors to your site you should work to keep them coming back time and time again. This helps to build a community for your Web site. As most people know the chances of a first time visitor purchasing anything from your site is slim. If you have the incentive for them to return the chances of them making a purchase increases. Continue reading “Bring ‘Em Back”

Do you list in Yahoo!?

Yahoo is the number two search engine available today. They receive over 150 million page views a day and getting a good listing can bring your business a very huge amount of targeted traffic. Yahoo is also the most difficult search engine to get listed on. I have included some tips that might help you succeed with this challenge. Continue reading “Do you list in Yahoo!?”

How to Create a Winning Guarantee

First, let’s define marketing. For our purposes, marketing is defined as everything you do to get and keep customers. It includes advertising, sales, product fulfillment, billing and customer service.Guaranteed Marketing is defined as this: When you make it risk-free to buy from you and tell the world about it, more people will buy. Continue reading “How to Create a Winning Guarantee”