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Employees Productivity Blocks

Inadequate training

One out of three employees changes jobs annually. Companies that recruit poorly tend to train poorly as well. Training is not a one shot enterprise, but an on-going investment to reinforce and advance skills and attitudes. Employers often get caught up in a vicious cycle. They recruit poorly, then fail to allocate sufficient training resources. (“Why spend the money when they won’t be around for very long?”) Employees’ performance suffers, their satisfaction level is low, and they leave giving the employer the opportunity to start the cycle again. Employers ought to treat employees as an investment rather than an expense. Continue reading “Employees Productivity Blocks”

Screen resolutions for websites

Question: I just found out that because my screen resolution was set to 1024×768 when I designed my sites, most people are not seeing what I designed, but instead something extremely large and very badly laid out (I only began in July, so I still have a lot to learn). My pages were designed in various programs – the early ones in Composer (Netscape), the later in Adobe Pagemill – I have now set my screen at 600×800, do I have to go back and re-do all of my pages to make them look decent at this resolution? The idea of the task is daunting as they comprise about 6 months of work! Continue reading “Screen resolutions for websites”